Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Sea Change of the City Kind

Recently I picked up my whole life and moved to Melbourne, Australia, a place that I've never been to before but have always wanted to go. I'm hoping that this massive move will be a fresh new start and a positive thing for myself and my daughter. We both arrived a few days ago to be with my partner of 7 years and so far I must say I love it!  There is so much culture here compared to my home town Brisbane.  I’ve never traveled much because the opportunity has never really come my way and also when you live in Brisbane you have the city, rain forests, country & beaches in such a close radius that you don’t really need to.

So far I’ve noticed the following difference between Melbourne & Brisbane. 

1. Supermarkets are open 24 hours down here
2. Melbourners love to blow their car horns (I’m almost scared to drive when my car arrives).
3. You can hire DVD’s via a vending machine!
4. The streets are filled with beautiful old buildings.
5. People are more friendlier in BrisVegas, Brisbane people may not be as trendy but we do smile more.
6. There is artwork everywhere (& so far I’ve only seen the south east part of Melbourne).
7. There are not 1 but 4 DFO’s here & I can’t wait to shop at one.
8. The trams are a bit of a novelty (except when the stupid tram driver doesn’t leave the doors open for long enough at your stop & you’re made to get off at the next one).
9. It’s kind of weird how the sun is still up when it’s 9 O’clock at night.
10. Garlic is really hard to find… seriously.
11. When people from Melbourne complain it is hot, it’s not.
12. I’m yet to experience 4 seasons in one day but after living in Queensland I'm so looking forward to the weather being cooler.

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